This month’s nutrition topic is “The Importance of Sleep”. This seminar will cover not only nutritional factors which are important for a good night’s rest but also lifestyle modifications that can have a positive effect on sleep.

This presentation will cover some interesting aspects of sleep including the four major stages of sleep, health issues commonly associated with a lack of sleep and also some great suggestions for ensuring a better night’s sleep.

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(25.11 mins to 41.44)

Summary of Video Clip

Quality sleep is such an important factor in maintaining good health. Even though it is quite common knowledge that sleep is very important for our health, it is amazing that many people in todays’ society fail to get sufficient sleep on a regular basis.

Having a poor night’s sleep now and again rarely causes people any major concerns, however if one is constantly not sleeping well then serious health problems may start to emerge. High blood pressure, being overweight as well as heart and kidney problems are some of the conditions then are more commonly associated with sleep deficiencies.

The good news is that there are ways to help you achieve a better night’s rest and help to prevent falling victim to one of the medical problems just mentioned. By improving certain lifestyle factors and making appropriate changes in diet you can improve your sleep patterns and ensure your body has the time to recuperate each night for better health.