Take a look at an interesting real case of a person who was suffering from hair loss. He began with the mainstream pharmaceutical hair loss drug but then quickly moved on to the Aushair herbal hair regrowth system.

Learn more about standard hair loss treatments currently available in Australia. See what types of health risks are associated with their use so that you can make a well informed decision before starting a hair regrowth program.

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Summary of Video Clip
Minoxidil is a common first line treatment for people who experience hair loss. It is marketed as an externally applied product and comes in both 2% and 5% strength under the brand name “Rogaine”. This product causes vasodilation or opening up of the blood vessels in the scalp tissues and therefore increases the circulation of nutrients in the blood to the hair follicles. By improving blood flow hair growth may be achieved, at least theoretically.

Interestingly, most Minoxidil users have no idea that it’s use carries some serious potential side effects such as dermatitis, chest pain and irregular heart rate.

Furthermore, as most cases of hair loss are primarily genetic, any treatment that is found to work must be continued for life. Based on the potential for adverse health reactions associated with pharmaceutical hair loss treatment, it would be advisable for people to instead consider natural/herbal products to help regrow their hair.

The story presented in this seminar describes a hair loss sufferer’s negative experience with Minoxidil and how he decided to “go herbal” for safety reasons. He was also pleasantly surprised with the effectiveness of the Aushair herbal hair regrowth program after just a couple of months.