This month’s Aushair seminar focusses on one particular disorder that causes patchy hair loss. The disorder is called Alopecia Areata.

Watch our experienced hair loss practitioner explain more about this problem including standard pharmaceutical treatments currently on the market, why these drugs are not the best choice for treating this type of hair loss. Also learn how a specific herbal remedy created more than 40 years ago, can cure this type of hair loss.

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(3.00mins to 24.38 mins)

Summary of Video Clip

Patchy hair loss from Alopecia Areata is due to the body’s own immune system attacking the hair follicles on the scalp. The result of this is hair follicle inflammation. Alopecia Areata affects men and women equally. With Alopecia Areata the hair follicles still remain intact and are not damaged by the inflammation.

Standard medical treatment approaches involve the use both topical and orally taken anti-inflammatory steroid drugs. Minoxidil (a common medication used for male and female genetic thinning) is also sometimes used topically for this condition as well. The major problem with these medications is their lack of efficacy as well as side effects.

The all natural herbal approach to treating Alopecia Areata that we use here at the Australian Hair & Scalp Clinic has an excellent success rate and has been used for clinically for over 40 years. This treatment offers Alopecia Areata sufferers a safe and effective solution for their patchy hair loss.

The above video outlines more information about this interesting topic.