This month our 101 Nutritional Consultant presents a seminar on another two popular diets.

Watch and learn about these two interesting dietary regimes, how they work, and if these are suitable for you.

Interested in finding out more? We hold regular seminars at our Chadstone clinic at 7.15pm on the first Monday of every month. Receive a $70 Gift Certificate and a small heat pack for attending in person! Otherwise please visit for the Google Hangout link to our next seminar and watch us live online at home.

Summary of Seminar:

In this month’s edition of 101 our nutrition seminar, we will take a look at two popular diets - the Anti-Inflammatory Diet and the Mediterranean Diet.

For those of you interested in cutting out foods that promote inflammation in the body while adding foods that naturally reduce inflammation in the body, this diet is worth looking into. Studies have shown links between inflammation and a number of medical conditions. Therefore inflammation can have some serious consequences on many internal systems of the body. If we are able to control inflammation, then this can help lower the risk of common health problems including weight gain and high cholesterol as well as many others.

The Mediterranean Diet involves preparing and cooking food using methods long used in that part of the world. It is one of the most written about diets for preventing heart problems. Some of the key components of this diet are consuming high amount s of plant-based foods, adding olive oil to meals, drinking red wine with meals, regular intake of fresh fish while limiting red and processed meats. Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet include lowering your risk of developing diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer's Disease, Parkinson's Disease and cancer.

These two popular diets can effectively reduce inflammation in the body and offer people a variety of dietary approaches to stay healthy. Why not watch the presentation and learn more about how you can incorporate these two styles of eating into your regular lifestyle. So do your body a favour and check it out the video linked to this post.