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101 Treatment Introduction

Scientists discovered some time ago that DHT (a hormone derived from the male hormone testosterone) shrinks hair follicles through a process called miniaturization that, in time, results in follicle death and hair loss. This process commonly occurs in a large percentage of hair loss cases.

101 hair loss control and recovery programs help to reverse the miniaturization process and re-grow your hair through a totally non-invasive process called Herbal Follicular Activation (HFA). This involves all herbal home-use treatments to firstly stop abnormal/excessive hair loss (note we normally lose 50-100 hairs per day), clean and unblock scalp pores thus optimizing the environment for new hair growth, then activate and nourish hair follicles to reverse miniaturization.

HFA reignites the function of the hair germ cell and provides it with optimum nutrition. This process uses special “targeting medication” technology that directs key hair re-growth ingredients to areas on the scalp that are most affected by hair loss. Also HFA reduces the activity of the 5 alpha reductase enzyme (a chemical in the body that converts testosterone to DHT) at the follicle thus reducing the amount of DHT, a major cause of hair loss.


In addition, Herbal Follicular Activation assists in:

  1. Reducing scalp sebaceous oil gland secretion.
  2. Decreasing scalp and hair follicle inflammation.
  3. Supporting the body’s natural hormonal balance as well as other important physiological functions.
  4. Improving the internal and external environment of the hair follicle.
  5. Promoting a healthy scalp pH balance.


For patients based in or around Melbourne, we recommend that you attend our Australian Hair and Scalp Clinic ( in Chadstone Shopping Centre for the following additional benefits:

1. A Computerised Hair and Scalp Analysis.
Using special hair and scalp analysis technology, we will assess your current level of hair loss, scalp condition and pore size. Once the analysis report is completed a natural hair regrowth program will be recommended.

The Australian Hair & Scalp Clinic provides a hair and scalp analysis every two months following the start of your regrowth program to check your progress.



2. In-clinic Hair and Scalp Treatments to accelerate the hair regrowth effect by:

  • Clearing excess oil and dirt
  • Promoting maximum absorption of the 101 tonic’s active ingredients into the scalp
  • Reducing the sensitivity of hair follicles to DHT
  • Increasing blood circulation to the hair follicle
  • Directing the stronger nourishing herbs to affected areas
    • Reactivating dormant hair follicles starting new hair growth
    • Repairing scalp damage
    • Strengthening hair follicles

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