Watch our AusHair Nutritionist present a couple of interesting diets that have been in the news in recent times.

Discover whether or not these diets are suitable for you and also learn how they can help people to lose weight and improve general health.

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Summary of Seminar

Weight loss is big business these days and it can be quite difficult for consumers out there to choose a good diet plan to help them lose weight. Many diets on the market make various claims and give scientific explanations for how they work.

A couple of these types of diet are the Paleo and 5:2 diet. Paleo involves a diet based on eating patterns used by humans during the hunter and gatherer era a long time ago. This diet has many advocates claiming improved health benefits however there are also many experts who oppose such a method of eating.

The 5:2 diet is quite a different approach compared to Paleo. With this diet an average week looks like the following: 5 “normal” eating days along with 2 days of reduced calorie intake (around 500-600 per day). There have also been a number of nutritional specialists who support such a diet due to many health benefits attributed to this way of eating. Once again there are also opponents that argue this diet is not suitable for everyone interested in shedding a few pounds.

Those of you considering following one of these diets should definitely check out the video above to learn more about both diets and discover which one might be most suitable for you.

We will also present a few other popular diets over the next few months to give you even more options when it comes to losing weight and/or improving your health.