This month’s (May 2016) 101 seminar is about Female Pattern Hair Loss and then goes on to present a real case of a lady who went through our herbal program and achieved a great result in quite a short space of time.

This presentation will firstly provide some background information and facts about Female Pattern Hair Loss. Next the consultant will outline the common causes and features of this disorder. Pharmaceutical treatment options for Female Pattern Hair Loss will then be reviewed and the viewer will be alerted to some of the issues that may follow the use of these drugs. Finally there will be a talk by a woman who used our herbal hair regrowth program and achieved significant improvement in just a few of months.

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Summary of Video Clip

Female Pattern Hair Loss is becoming more and more of a serious problem in society today. It is believed that about 14% of consultations for hair loss in the world are attended by women. An interesting statistic is that over 40% of women prior to reaching the age of 50 will suffer from hair loss.

Female Pattern Hair Loss is associated with an enormous amount of psychological stress and anxiety. It affects women a lot more harshly than hair loss in males, who culturally are less stigmatized as a result.

A common drug used for treating Female Pattern Hair Loss is Finasteride. It’s mechanism of action is primarily on blocking the accumulation of male hormone around hair follicles. This hormone is responsible for hair loss in genetically susceptible women. One serious problem with this pharmaceutical medication is that it can lead to mutations in the unborn fetus.

Furthermore, clinical studies on the effectiveness of Finasteride in women, have shown it to be quite ineffective for hair regrowth.

Watch the woman in the above video explain how she suffered from this problem for a number of years and how it put a lot of mental strain on her. Listen to how she finally decided to seek a safe and natural treatment to help regrow her hair in a couple of months. Although very distressed at the time, she is now more than happy to discuss her story and highly recommends our herbal treatment to other women with the same issue.