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Regrowing hair does not happen in a few days or weeks. It is a long, tiring process that can take months or even years. This long, tiring process, however, isn’t without its share of let downs and hopelessness. The key is to never lose hope and to be patient with your prescribed treatment. One such let down is drying and irritation of the scalp that is often caused by pharmaceutical hair loss treatments, being one of its major side effects.

What is 101 Hair and Scalp Tonic?

This is a special tonic made of premium Chinese herbs: Ligusticum wallichii root, Sophora Flavescens, Speranskia tuberculata herb, and Ledebouriella sesloides root. These herbs are known to invigorate the circulation of blood, and to clear away heat and dry dampness, relieve rheumatic pains and strengthen vitality.

This tonic also contains “carrier” herbs, which direct the stronger nourishing herbal ingredients to the affected areas, reactivating sluggish and dormant hair follicles.

Is it safe? Does it have side effects?

Hair loss treatment products are unpopular for their heavy side effects. Not our products; being a natural, herbal product, 101 Hair and Scalp Tonic contains no hormones and has no negative effects on other body structures/functions. It is considered a much safer hair loss control and recovery treatment than pharmaceutical hair loss medicines. This product is approved by Ministry of Public Health in China and many other major government and non-government organizations.

What are its benefits?

Though easy to apply and small in size, this magical product is doing a lot more behind the scenes than what your eyes can see. On application, it cleans the scalp of oil build-up, subsequently nourishing and activating hair follicles and reducing their sensitivity to DHT, the biggest enemy of hair follicles. A constituent of key herbal ingredients, 101 Hair and Scalp Tonic also improves the scalp pH level to prepare for new hair growth.

In addition, this rejuvenating tonic invigorates the circulation of blood, dissolves the extravasated blood, warms and dredges the main and collateral channels and expands the capillary vessel.


As always said, “Prevention is better than cure”, it is much better to take care of your hair before it begins to fall out. Don’t be late, as I mentioned earlier, a strand of hair which can be plucked with a jerk in a second can take many months to regrow.