101 Taxus Pillowcase

101 Taxus Pillowcase

Taxus or Yew is a rare and endangered plant species that has been used medicinally around the world for centuries. The Taxus Pillowcase contains honeysuckle, chrysanthemum, lavender and other plants with healing qualities. This pillowcase helps improve mental disorders, sleep, respiratory function and mental clarity. It also lowers blood lipids and blood pressure and slows aging.

Scents cause a series of physiological and psychological reactions by stimulating the olfactory system. They can directly promote or inhibit the excitatory functions of the nervous system and thus treat disease. In 1991, U.S. scientists Reichard Asel and Linda Buck discovered olfactory receptor genes proving that aromas could influence health. For this breakthrough, they were awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine. Numerous studies have found similarly findings, that aromas play a crucial role in well-being.

The aromatherapy of the 101 Taxus Pillowcase is a brand new drug-free approach to insomnia with implications for hair loss sufferers. Dr Zhao from the 101 Hair Company in Beijing, found that 18% of hair loss patients in his clinical practice suffered from insomnia. He found that the branches and leaves of yews contained yiew, bioflavonoid and taxine, all of which produce aromas that help improve insomnia. In 2007, Dr Zhao and a team of experts from the Beijing 101 Hair Research Institute conducted a study on the effects of Taxus in over a thousand men suffering Sleep Metabolic Syndrome. The study concluded that nearly all participants (all except 18) experienced improvement in their sleep. Furthermore, their snoring and neck pain completely disappeared and for some, the grey hair on their head turned black! The study results also showed that the participant’s wives who slept beside the Taxus Pillowcase also benefited; they too experienced less insomnia and their hypertension improved significantly.

Wangjing Hospital in China conducted a 4-week observation of 92 people (a combination of middle-aged and old) who were not yet suffering hair loss but did have hypertension. After just one month, the amazing Taxus Pillowcase reduced the blood pressure for all 92 study participants!

Yew has been recognized by medical science as a very effective anti-cancer treatment. It is considered a ‘pacilitaxel’ which basically means it prevents the division of cells and thus is a very effective anti-cancer treatment. Yews bioflavonoids are a natural anti-oxidative and anti-aging substance. Through respiration and skin absorption, these bioflavonoids can help to prevent cholesterol build up in the blood vessels and therefore reduce the occurrence of cardio-cerebrovascular diseases. It also protects cellular tissue and improves immunity via the elimination of free radicals.

Researchers at The Northwest Agriculture and Forestry Science and Technology University and the Fourth Military Medical University, both located in China, found that daily exposure to Taxus reduced hypertension in rats. The anti-hypertensive effects of Taxus proved to be more effective than anti-hypertensive prescription medication.

Lastly, The Taxus Pillowcase, through the innovative combination of Chinese medicine and modern technology, also has extraordinary effects on high blood sugar, neck pain, frequent urination, urgent urination, blurred vision, rhinitis and snoring.