Mel 006Ladies and Gentlemen, Colleagues and guests,

As chairman of Beijing 101 group, China, I feel extremely honorable to participate in this medical exchange conference. As a renowned hair growth product manufacturer in China, 101 group has helped numerous hair loss suffers easing their worries all over the world in the past. Today, our 101 people and I come to Australia with passion. We wish to have excellent exchange with all of you. We also want to take this opportunity to let people all over the world know a little more about 101 Zhang Guang group and our 101 hair growth products. So more and more people can be benefit from this. At the same time, we come here with a humble heart. We sincerely wish to have academic exchange and experience sharing with all the experts in this field. We believe this conference can be an academic exchange platform, so we can learn more and make more friends in the Traditional Chinese Medicine field.

30 years ago, some hair loss villagers I knew took extreme measures by committing suicide. That was the driving force for me to invent the 101 medicine. My father was a Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor. I learned much knowledge with regard to hair loss treatment by utilising many different Chinese medicinal plants. From 1968, I started to study many medicines that can be used to treat hair loss.

In 1974, after more than one hundred times clinical trials, I succeeded finally. In memory of those one hundred failures, I named this herbal lotion the “101 lotion” (later to be named as 101 Hair Re-growth Tonic). It has a 97.5% effective rate and 84.8% cure rate to hair loss condition. It has passed all the relevant technical department assessments. In order to help more hair loss suffers, I started to manufacture more 101 products and built two 101 factories in He Nan province and Beijing in 1987. In January 1990, 101 passed China’s Health Ministry assessment. It became the first special type of cosmetic hair care products in China.

We now have more than over 2000 101 franchisee stores in China’s 31 provinces, municipalities, auto-administration region, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao. We also have many 101 outlets in Japan, Canada, Pakistan, Singapore and in particularly in Australia.

Although 101 doesn’t have a long history, it has already become a top competitor among the hair care, hair re-growth industry in China and even on globe scale. 101 Hair Tonics have won 13 international awards consecutively. This outstanding achievement has been recognized by the Chinese and international community. Among all the Chinese hair growth products, 101 was the only one to be chosen as a gift to be presented to visiting heads of foreign states.

Apart from excellence in its products and commercial sales, the 101 group is also committed to public and social welfare programs. We have helped to build primary schools in China, helped poor students to go to school, and donated funds for disaster relief and social welfare purposes.

We are still at rapid growing stage. While we have accumulated some valuable experience in the process, many things still need to be done. In term of products development, we are willing to have more academic exchange with experts all over the world so we can further improve our products. In terms of product promotion and sales, we are also willing to learn more about advanced sale models, methods, and experience. Finally, may I offer a warm invitation to all the experts in this field, hair loss suffers all over the world to visit our 101 group head office in China.

Thank you very much.


Two questions were answered by Dr Zhao:

A         Late 80s - ZhangGuang 101 was popular in Japan.

101 was very popular in Japan in the late 1980’s. This success was largely due to China’s President, Deng Xiao Ping, giving a national gift of 101 Hair Products to Japan’s president Mr Zhong Gen to try it himself. The Japanese media covered president Zhong Gen’s hair improvement over the following months and consequently 101 became very popular in Japan.

B         Dr. Zhao’s secret on his own hair protection

Dr Zhao is 65 years old but his hair is still thick, black and shiny. Not many people believe his hair is real unless they meet him in person. Even our own staff in Melbourne wanted to test the authenticity of Dr Zhao’s hair. When he toured Australia last year, our staff used a special instrument to check whether his hair was real. They discovered that Dr Zhao did not even dye his hair. The hair doctor revealed his secrets of maintaining thick and shining hair as follows:

l   Sleep for a maximum number of hours possible

l   Comb hair often

l   Eat more white radish

l   Use 101 Hair Prevention Tonic and 101 Hair Formula Tablets.