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Why do not offer single Tablets product Anymore?

Based on our 12 Month investigation shown that using the right dosage and complete at least 4 month treatment period are essential to achieve the best hair regrowth results possible for home use customers.

That’s why we do not offer Single Tablets or Tonic for ordering since 1st Jan 2015.

Comparison of Single Product User and 4 Month Program User

Group Expectation Fact Hair Regrowth Result Common response about 101
1. Single Product User Fast Result with little money outlay Insufficient Dosage Use & incomplete treatment period Usually very little or no result “It doesn’t work and it’s a waste of time and money”
2. 4 Month Program User

Steadily Regrow Hair Back Sufficient dosage &  adequate treatment period Visible results with photo comparison “I was very skeptical about this treatment but now I am really impressed with the results”.


If you belong to Group One, you might waste your time and money. You will also be very disappointed with the results.

People belonging to Group Two will usually see visible hair regrowth results after 4 months. You will be very impressed with your results.

For new customers who are serious about re-growing your hair naturally, please visit to purchase our 4 month starter program for the best possible results.

For customers who have been using our single products in the past  and would like to achieve much better results then please visit to purchase our 4 month program for the best possible results or to help maintain your results already achieved in the past please visit

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