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101 Tonic Applicator

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101 Tonic Applicator

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1. Receive the correct amount of 101 tonic every time
Applying the correct measurement is very important if you wish to see a result with 101 Hair Products. You need to use 5 ml per dose and the 101 Tonic Applicator will deliver this amount every single time.

2. Tap onto the scalp and tap certain points
By tapping the 101 Tonic Applicator on your scalp, you are tapping certain acupuncture points that, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, help natural hair re-growth. Please tap quite hard for best results.

3. Save time and target the right area
If you apply the tonic directly from the 101 bottle, your time will be wasted. However, by using the 101 Tonic Applicator you are able to drip the tonic onto the area of need straight away, delivering the right amount – 5 drops – every dose. It is a quick and accurate way of applying the 101 Hair Tonic.

How To Use
1. Filling the Applicator
Firstly, use scissors to cut the tip of the 101 tonic’s rubber spout. Open the top of the 101 Tonic Applicator, fill the 101 Hair Tonic slowly until you can see it reach the 5 ml mark, indicated when the tonic level lies in between the two marked circles on the Applicator. Stop filling once the tonic reaches this level.

2. Tap onto the thinning area
Tap the 101 Tonic Applicator onto the thinning area a few times keeping the Applicator horizontal to your scalp, allowing the tonic to drip out. Then comb hair for a few strokes and return to tapping. Repeat this process alternating between tapping and combing until all the tonic has been used.

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