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100% Money Back Guarantee

101 Hair and Skin Care P/L, hereafter referred to as 101, are the current suppliers of 101 Hair Products. 101 offers a 100% Money-Back Guarantee to users of its 101 Hair Products as listed under “4 Month Starter Program”:

4 Month Starter Program – 6 bottles of 101 Hair and Scalp Tonic; 6 bottles of 101 Hair and Scalp Tonic – Special; 8 bottle of 101 Hair Formula; 1 bottle of 101 Shampoo; 1 x 101 Applicator; 1 x 101 Large Peach Wood Comb; 1 x 101 Small Peach Wood Comb.


  1. The customer, before commencing use of the 101 Hair Products, must attend a 101 outlet, where three photographs will be taken from different directions showing the areas of thinning hair on the scalp. The customer will be given one set of the photographs, 101 will retain the other set.
  2. The package as listed above should be purchased at the time when the contract is signed. The total cost of the 4 Month Starter Program is $1273.95.
  3. The 4 Month Starter Program should be finished within a maximum time of 4 months.
  4. On completion of the “4 Month Starter Program” the customer must return to the 101 outlet to take their 2nd set of photographs showing the same areas of thinning hair. This should be done not more than 4 and half months after the customer has purchased a “4 Month Starter Program”. The customer must have their 2nd set of photographs taken with the same hair length, style and colour. 101 is not responsible if the customer’s hair colour, length or style is different from the first set of photos. For accurate comparisons, it is the customers’ responsibility to have their hair as similar as possible to the time of the first photos being taken.
  5. If the customer does not receive any result, after showing 101 the receipt for the “4 Month Starter Program” package, all money will be refunded. . Here at 101, we define "a result" as more hair, or no further hair loss, or stronger hair as seen after completion of 4 Month Starter Program.
  6. This contract will be valid for 4 and half months from the date of signing.


101 reserves the right to withhold the Money Back Guarantee where the user is substantially bald and where it believes the use and directions have not been followed.

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