About the Video

Today more and more young men are experiencing hair loss. In this video, Aushair customer Heath talks about his hair regrowth experience using the 101 hair products combined with Aushair in-clinic treatments.

After being on a hair regrowth program for less than 3 months, Heath explains how the revolutionary Herbal Follicular Activation program has given him visible results.

Content of the Video

Heath came to the Aushair Clinic after extensively studying a number of other hair loss treatments available on the market.

Heath first learned about the side effects of pharmaceutical hair loss treatments after trying Minoxidil (5%) for about one year. Concerned about the potential long term adverse reactions associated with using hair regrowth drugs,  Heath  began a 100% herbal Aushair regrowth program and so far has no regrets.

He has already seen improvement after only 3 months on the program (which has involved two in-clinic visits per week plus a 101 home use package. Heath’s existing hair has already thickened and therefore, has a much fuller look especially on the crown and temple areas of his scalp. His hair has become darker due to the all of the added nutrition he is receiving through the treatment. Additionally, his energy levels and sleep have improved. Overall, this is a great result in the early stages of the treatment. Heath couldn’t be happier with his experience so far.