Watch our Nutritional Consultant talk about superfoods.

Discover which foods are classified as superfoods, find out why they are healthy for our bodies, and how we can add these foods into our daily eating patterns to improve our health. Check the foods you may already be eating to see if any of them are considered to be superfoods.

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Summary of Seminar

Superfoods have been in the news of late. Many foods are currently being marketed as superfoods in the media by various health food companies. However, is there any truth to the claims of these companies? Or are these claims just being exaggerated?

Of course, many of these foods can bring positive benefits for our health. However, it is essential to understand that simply adding a couple of superfoods to one’s diet while the majority of the diet is poor in nutrition, will not improve overall health.

The best way to improve health and prevent illness in future is to consume a diet that includes all of the major foods groups and important nutrients. Knowledge of which foods are known to be superfoods can certainly contribute to better health and wellbeing.

If you are interested in learning more about simple foods that can be introduced into your daily diet to improve health and wellbeing then be sure to watch the above video.