If those modern pharmaceutical treatments are becoming a disaster and waste of money in controlling your hair fall, then you are definitely in need of a better treatment. Put this same scenario to your dermatologist and all he might come up with is a better drug - just like any other useless drug on the market, different name but better price. He will claim it to be more powerful than the last one, while in reality its only power would be to burn a deeper hole in your pocket, while being more powerful with its side effects. This is an ongoing procedure in modern medical practice, and it will keep going unless you understand that it is leading you to hopelessness and frustration.

If you are not getting results with your pharmaceutical hair loss treatment, then it’s time to look for an alternative and better hair care solution. How about Ayurveda, the herbal treatment from India?

Ayurveda has been known to work miracles and being blessed with powerful ingredients for many common and uncommon medical ailments, including hair loss.

Ancient Ayurveda texts give a rich history about usage of Ayurvedic Medicines in preventing hair loss. However, in the modern world, it has just started to take off, so there are lots of secrets and potential.

Unlike, other modern methods for the prevention of baldness, Ayurveda eradicates this problem from the root, not on an outside or temporary note.

There are hundreds of herbs and their blends in Ayurveda, effective in treating baldness-temporary as well as permanent. Though I can’t list all of them, here are the most popular:

Aromatic Jatamansi: The best Ayurvedic herb for hair re-growth that removes impurities from the blood and boosts a glowing complexion.

Amla: The richest source of Vitamin C, the powdered Amla when mixed with warm water and applied on the scalp gives black and thick hair. Also helpful in imparting colour and resolving other problems.

Horsetail: A rich source of silica, has an outstanding effect in making your hair strong and shiny.

Aloe Vera: A glass of Aloe Vera juice, along with cumin three times a day for about 3 months gives crowning glory to hair.

Sesame seeds: Having some white sesame seeds after sleep can be a great source of magnesium and calcium-quiet an effective hair loss checker.

Coconut hair oil: A scalp massage with this oil before bed can pacify pitta, thus it promotes healthy hair growth and prevents their fall.

Brahmi and Bhringraj oil: Like coconut oil, a scalp massage with this oil pre-bed prevents hair loss.

Vitamin E Oil: Vitamin E hair oil, also known as the next best oil for hair. Massaging this oil slows down the hair fall, even putting an end to it completely. In addition, it strengthens weak hair and nullifies hair dryness.

Yoghurt: Last but not the least, Yoghurt reduces hair fall, and it is a trusted remedy for various hair related problems.

No matter what Modern Medicine claims, you can beat nature after all. These natural Ayurvedic herbs are more effective in treating hair loss than pharma medicines, and they have zero side effects, lower costs, and long lasting results.

Let nature be your healer. GO HERBAL!