This nutritional presentation covers some of the major benefits of adding Probiotics to your diet. Our Nutritional Consultant will explain the role of probiotics in preventing a number of common illnesses in todays’ society. He will also outline some of the important food sources where these nutrients can be found.

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Probiotics have received a lot of attention recently in the media. Recommendations for regular daily intake have been promoted as daily health tonic to assist with general health and other of health related conditions. Unfortunately there still exists a considerable amount of confusion about how to use probiotics and what conditions they may be able to assist with.

Probiotics contain a group of micro-organisms that when ingested help promote healthy digestion and increase the good bacteria in the gut.

It seems that ‘probiotic’ is the latest buzz word in the health industry, with everyone telling you that you should be taking them every day. But with all the information out there, a lot of people are still very confused about exactly what they are and why they are good for you.

Probiotics are live micro-organisms that promote healthy digestion and boost beneficial bacteria, as well as promoting general health.

Beneficial bacteria is continually at war with toxic bacteria in the gut. With poor dietary and lifestyle choices the bad bacteria can more easily crowd out the good bacteria potentially causing a number of health related ailments. Sadly most individuals today do very little to replace the good bacteria in their bodies.

The good news is there are some simple ways for people to raise their levels of “good” gut microflora. For example certain natural foods can be very useful to achieve this goal. This seminar presents some of the key foods that can easily be added to your daily diet in order to control the excessive build-up of bad bacteria in the intestines and raise good bacteria levels as well.

The following video provides vital information on how taking care of your natural beneficial gut flora can keep many common illnesses at bay.