Learn about the importance of photo comparison whilst using a hair loss treatment. Photo comparison is a method of comparing photos of a person’s hair before they commence treatment with similar photos taken after a specific period after having treatment. The 101 Hair & Skin Company has been endorsing photo comparison along with their herbal hair loss treatments for more than 20 years.

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Summary of Video Clip

If you want to use a treatment to regrow your hair, it’s important to have a way to accurately measure the results of this treatment. Why? Without a tool to measure changes in your hair condition, it is often difficult to observe positive results.

This is why the 101 Hair & Skin Company uses a professional photo comparison system that allow customers monitor their progress during their treatment. In fact, 101 believes that without this system, customers may never realise how much new hair regrowth they have achieved in the first few months of treatment. This is because it is very hard for people to remember their hair condition before starting treatment. Therefore a series of photos are required prior to starting treatment (also called “Before Photos”) and then another set is taken after a certain time period (also called “After Photos”) to assess for any improvements made.

The two major photos used for the photos comparison are magnified images and normal/standard view images. The magnified images are more useful during the initial period of treatment where visible results may not always be observable. Often the magnified images show improvement in the hair condition before the results can be seen with the naked eye. Normal view images have greater importance after a few months of treatment, where positive results are more obvious.

With photo comparison, all shots should be taken in the exact same way (i.e same distance, same angle, similar lighting, same points etc) for both the “before” and “after” photos. Only in this way can improvements be clearly and accurately measured.

Please watch the video above for all the details.