In this seminar, our Hair Practitioner, Nick will discuss an interesting topic called “Photo Comparison To Clearly See Your New Hair Regrowth”

Learn about why hair loss sufferers should use “before” and “after” photographs when using a hair regrowth treatment. Watch how the Aushair clinic measures hair regrowth by a unique photo comparison system that has been continually been refined for more than 20 years. Hear about the special methods that we use in our clinic to accurately and effectively measure hair regrowth.

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(0.15 minutes to 16.11 minutes)

Summary of Video Clip

Since the early 1990s our company has strongly advocated the use of “before” and “after” photo comparison for all of our clients. In our experience, only a professional photo comparison system can clearly present any improvements in hair condition to hair loss sufferers after a period of treatment.

We have had a number of clients during the initial stages (usually the first one to two months) who strongly believed that our herbal treatment hadn’t worked for them. Our advice has remained the same for many years – “Let’s do a photo comparison and see what/if any changes have occurred”. In almost every case we were able to show the client that their hair condition had improved even after such a short treatment period. The clients often showed a reaction of disbelief, but at the same time happiness because they realised that they were on the right track.

Photo comparison is a must for any person serious about regrowing their hair. It is virtually impossible for anyone to remember their hair condition prior to beginning treatment. Therefore, the “before” photo is absolutely needed to provide an initial point of reference from where a measurement can be made of the success (or failure) of a treatment.

This seminar will also introduce some of the methods used in our professional photo comparison, such as the use of high resolution and magnified images as well as how, where and why we take certain photos. Armed with this information hair loss sufferers can consider to use photo comparison with either our Aushair Herbal Hair Regrowth treatment or another treatment of their choice.