Invasive organism such as parasites and fungi can cause hair loss. Both of these survive on the same food that you eat. This means that if you are infected with one of these organisms your body could lose nutrients and become undernourished. When we become nutrient deficient our bodies always prioritize by sending nutrients to vital organs such as the brain and heart. As a result, hair follicles receive less nourishment and begin to deteriorate. In addition, parasites and fungi release waste products causing our bodies’ internal environment to become overly acidic. This acidity often results in poor hair health.

Parasites and fungal infections occur when your immune system weakens.

There are many factors that may cause this:

  • Prescribed medication (for example steroids or antibiotics)
  • Emotional shock
  • Eating foods you are intolerant to
  • Consuming too much sugar (sweets, chocolate etc.)
  • Drinking excessive alcohol
  • Using recreational drugs
  • Toxic metals (mercury, arsenic, thallium and gold amongst others)
  • Living in a place with mould on the walls or in cupboards
  • Not washing your hands after having been to the toilet
  • Contracting invasive organisms from your pets
  • Not cooking meat all the way through
  • Contamination by someone else who is infested with invasive organisms


If your immune system is working well, fungi and parasites can still infect your body, but your body is strong enough to keep them at bay. However, if your immune system is not in good condition, invasive organisms can get into your system and cause problems. The presence of toxic metals such as mercury will further support the growth and spread of parasites and fungi because these invasive organisms feed on these as well.

There are many very good anti-fungal and anti-parasite supplements on the market, but you will need to carefully choose the right one. If, for example, you do not tolerate citrus fruit, many of the products will not work for you or will give you stomach problems because they contain grapefruit seed. Garlic is another effective ingredient which is also present in many supplements but some people may not be able to tolerate it.

If you go for tinctures, these can be very effective, but tinctures are made with alcohol, and if you have a problem with alcohol, you are better off with capsules. Alternatively, drop the tincture into very warm water to help the alcohol evaporate, then let the infused water stand for at least 10 minutes before you drink it.