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  • Invitation to a free Hair Loss Seminar in Chadstone, Victoria on March 2, 2015

    Free Hair Loss Seminar in Chadstone, Victoria on March 2, 2015


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    Monday, Mar 2, 2015 7:15pm

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  • Why You Should Choose 101 Hair Products?

    Our revolutionary multi-therapeutic 101 Hair and Scalp Treatment is familiar as the most potent hair-augmenting program in the world. Our methods have attained critical praise, predominantly all over Asia, Europe and North America. With a 99% success rate, 13 international awards, 30 million satisfied product users worldwide, 40 years of continued product research and development and all natural non-invasive treatments, with 101 you can be self-assured that you are spending on finest and safest hair loss control and regaining method accessible nowadays.

    • 99% success rate
    • 13 international awards
    • 30 million satisfied product users worldwide
    • 40 years of continued product research and development
    • Exclusive Australian media reviews
    • Non-invasive treatment
    • All natural solutions

    Unlike pharmaceutical Alopecia treatments that may result in serious health risks, our multi-therapeutic tactic is herbal and doesn’t carry health hazards. Prepared with the highest quality and handpicked Chinese herbs, our 100% herbal products are as suitable for men, as to a women and children, regardless of hair and scalp type.

    For creating a hair loss treatment for today’s hair problem, we have uniquely combined centuries of Chinese herbal knowledge with modern science. We have prepared some of the most clinically effective products to improve the total quality of hair, regulate hair thinning and revive new healthy hair. All our 101 Hair Products have been created from strongly guarded secret Chinese formulae. We have the only TGA approved Chinese herbal product in Australia to treat hair loss.

    All of our 101 products are not tested on animals. We take great pride that the manufacturing of our hair formulae are completed according to the strictest global quality control standards.

    The Difference between Herbal and Pharmaceutical Hair Loss Treatments



    See VisibleResults




    After 30days of



    101 HairProducts




    Within 4Months


    None Nonoticeable

    hair loss


    PharmaceuticalHair Treatment



    Chemical 6- 12Months


    Yes Serious hairloss returns


     The 101 treatment

    With our treatment, within 4 months of starting treatment, you can start noticing considerable hair regrowth. That too with regular home usage you can achieve:

    • abnormal/excessive hair loss will stop
    • your scalp will become
      • clean and clear
      • free from oil,
      • dandruff,
      • dead skin cells
      • dried sebum.

    In addition as soon as your scalp’s pores will be opened, miniaturization of the hair follicle will be reversed and your scalp’s pH will balance.

  • New 101 Program, the “4 Month Starter Program”

    Among the concern our patients face, the biggest one is, “how long should I continue the treatment?” At 101, we try to offer a hair regrowth treatment for almost every type of hair loss condition, whether

    ·    Male pattern baldness or Androgenetic Alopecia

    ·    Female Pattern Baldness

    ·    Alopecia Areata or Patchy Hair Loss Pattern

    At 101, the duration of treatment depends upon the stage of hair loss you are at. As such, there are seven stages of Male Pattern Baldness,


    and 5 stages of Female Pattern Baldness.

    As evident from the above images, and as applicable with any other ailment, “the later the stage the more difficult is the treatment”. The course of treatment at 101 is no different, and is purely based on the stage of hair loss, one is at; the later the stage the longer it takes for regrowth. The stage of hair loss is detected using ones scalp’s photos that are required to be taken and uploaded on our website by the sufferer, to be analysed by the team of our experts, as part of our online consultation. In place of online consultation, an in-clinic, free consultation can also be booked with 101 Head Clinic at Australia Hair and Scalp Clinic if based in Melbourne, Victoria.

    Once a stage is decided, a treatment is prescribed, including our newest treatment, the “4 Month Starter Program”, depending on the condition of the sufferer.

    4 Month Starter Program, the shortest of hair treatment program that 101 offers, is particularly popular among first-time users who are looking for a risk-free hair gain program that comes with 100% money back guarantee. Our “4 Month Starter Program” is followed by the “4 Month Revive Program”, and “8 Month Maintenance Program”, later. The combination of these treatments:

    • Treatment Plan A
    • Treatment Plan B
    • Treatment Plan C,

    depends solely upon the stage of hair loss and applies to both types of hair loss patterns: Male and Female, as described in the table.

    For Males Hair Loss Stage Treatment Plan
    I,II,III A
    IV B
    V C
    VI, VII Long Term Plan
    For Females I, II A
    III B
    IV C
    V Long Term Plan

    The course of our treatment A, B, and C follows this procedure, depending on the treatment plan:

    However, a Long Term Treatment takes at least 2 years of treatment to recover a considerable amount of hair. If you’re not prepared, like we recommend to everyone, don’t undertake a long term treatment, in the first place.

    For example, one of our long-term Hair Loss patients, Mr A.F., was in an advanced stage of hair loss when he came to us. He took our treatment for a period of 2.5 Years. Although he started to gain visible hair growth within a year, he continued with the treatment for another year and a half.

    Please be determined and patient if you’re at an advanced stage of hair loss and opt for a Long Term Treatment

    Why did we start this treatment course?

    The introduction of these two treatments is because of a study that we carried out recently. In the study titled, “Sufficiency + Persistence”, we found that 90% of people fail to regrow their hair due to insufficient dosage use & too short a treatment period.

    Whatever the case, as we said before, “we have a hair regrowth treatment for almost every type of hair loss condition”. There are so many people, particularly with a major underlying condition, who experience a lessening of hair fall within just a few months after starting our treatment.

    Why Choose 101 New Program for Your Hair Regrowth?

    ·    All Natural Herbal Solution

    ·    No Person Has Ever Stopped the Treatment Because of Side Effects Since 1993

    ·   The Fastest Hair Regrowth Results

    About 101- Natural hair loss treatment

    101 Hair products, developed by the world famous dermatologist, Professor Zhang-Guang Zhao, consist of all natural, herbal tonics and shampoos. During the 40 years that 101 Hair Products have been in the marketplace, they have won 13 International First Place Awards at major expos and fairs around the world. These products have had exclusive media reviews by the New York Times, Newsweek, The Age, Herald Sun and The Australian Financial Review. And the results are amazing – we have many satisfied male and female customers throughout Australia and the world.

  • Regain Your Hair Back Without Side Effects and Transplants

    If those modern pharmaceutical treatments are becoming a disaster and waste of money in controlling your hair fall, then you are definitely in need of a better treatment. Put this same scenario to your dermatologist and all he might come up with is a better drug - just like any other useless drug on the market, different name but better price. He will claim it to be more powerful than the last one, while in reality its only power would be to burn a deeper hole in your pocket, while being more powerful with its side effects. This is an ongoing procedure in modern medical practice, and it will keep going unless you understand that it is leading you to hopelessness and frustration.