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  • From Pharmaceutical To Herbal Hair Loss Treatment

    Take a look at an interesting real case of a person who was suffering from hair loss. He began with the mainstream pharmaceutical hair loss drug but then quickly moved on to the Aushair herbal hair regrowth system.

    Learn more about standard hair loss treatments currently available in Australia. See what types of health risks are associated with their use so that you can make a well informed decision before starting a hair regrowth program.

    Would you like to find out more? Please visit for the Google Hangout link to our next monthly seminar and watch us live online at home.

    Video Clip -

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    Summary of Video Clip
    Minoxidil is a common first line treatment for people who experience hair loss. It is marketed as an externally applied product and comes in both 2% and 5% strength under the brand name “Rogaine”. This product causes vasodilation or opening up of the blood vessels in the scalp tissues and therefore increases the circulation of nutrients in the blood to the hair follicles. By improving blood flow hair growth may be achieved, at least theoretically.

    Interestingly, most Minoxidil users have no idea that it’s use carries some serious potential side effects such as dermatitis, chest pain and irregular heart rate.

    Furthermore, as most cases of hair loss are primarily genetic, any treatment that is found to work must be continued for life. Based on the potential for adverse health reactions associated with pharmaceutical hair loss treatment, it would be advisable for people to instead consider natural/herbal products to help regrow their hair.

    The story presented in this seminar describes a hair loss sufferer’s negative experience with Minoxidil and how he decided to “go herbal” for safety reasons. He was also pleasantly surprised with the effectiveness of the Aushair herbal hair regrowth program after just a couple of months.

  • Probiotics 101


    This nutritional presentation covers some of the major benefits of adding Probiotics to your diet. Our Nutritional Consultant will explain the role of probiotics in preventing a number of common illnesses in todays’ society. He will also outline some of the important food sources where these nutrients can be found.

    Please note we run seminars each month to educate our clients about good nutrition. please visit for the Google Hangout link to our next seminar and watch us live online at home.

    Video Clip -

    (17.55mins to 32.11)


    Summary of Video Clip

    Probiotics have received a lot of attention recently in the media. Recommendations for regular daily intake have been promoted as daily health tonic to assist with general health and other of health related conditions. Unfortunately there still exists a considerable amount of confusion about how to use probiotics and what conditions they may be able to assist with.

    Probiotics contain a group of micro-organisms that when ingested help promote healthy digestion and increase the good bacteria in the gut.

    It seems that ‘probiotic’ is the latest buzz word in the health industry, with everyone telling you that you should be taking them every day. But with all the information out there, a lot of people are still very confused about exactly what they are and why they are good for you.

    Probiotics are live micro-organisms that promote healthy digestion and boost beneficial bacteria, as well as promoting general health.

    Beneficial bacteria is continually at war with toxic bacteria in the gut. With poor dietary and lifestyle choices the bad bacteria can more easily crowd out the good bacteria potentially causing a number of health related ailments. Sadly most individuals today do very little to replace the good bacteria in their bodies.

    The good news is there are some simple ways for people to raise their levels of “good” gut microflora. For example certain natural foods can be very useful to achieve this goal. This seminar presents some of the key foods that can easily be added to your daily diet in order to control the excessive build-up of bad bacteria in the intestines and raise good bacteria levels as well.

    The following video provides vital information on how taking care of your natural beneficial gut flora can keep many common illnesses at bay.

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    Winner of 13 International First Place Awards

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  • Photo Comparison – The Key to Showing Hair Regrowth Results

    Learn about the importance of photo comparison whilst using a hair loss treatment. Photo comparison is a method of comparing photos of a person’s hair before they commence treatment with similar photos taken after a specific period after having treatment. The 101 Hair & Skin Company has been endorsing photo comparison along with their herbal hair loss treatments for more than 20 years.

    Interested in finding out more? We hold regular seminars at our Chadstone clinic at 7.15pm on the first Monday of every month. Receive a $70 Gift Certificate and a small heat pack for attending in person! Otherwise please visit for the Google Hangout link to our next seminar and watch us live online at home.

    Summary of Video Clip

    If you want to use a treatment to regrow your hair, it’s important to have a way to accurately measure the results of this treatment. Why? Without a tool to measure changes in your hair condition, it is often difficult to observe positive results.

    This is why the 101 Hair & Skin Company uses a professional photo comparison system that allow customers monitor their progress during their treatment. In fact, 101 believes that without this system, customers may never realise how much new hair regrowth they have achieved in the first few months of treatment. This is because it is very hard for people to remember their hair condition before starting treatment. Therefore a series of photos are required prior to starting treatment (also called “Before Photos”) and then another set is taken after a certain time period (also called “After Photos”) to assess for any improvements made.

    The two major photos used for the photos comparison are magnified images and normal/standard view images. The magnified images are more useful during the initial period of treatment where visible results may not always be observable. Often the magnified images show improvement in the hair condition before the results can be seen with the naked eye. Normal view images have greater importance after a few months of treatment, where positive results are more obvious.

    With photo comparison, all shots should be taken in the exact same way (i.e same distance, same angle, similar lighting, same points etc) for both the “before” and “after” photos. Only in this way can improvements be clearly and accurately measured.

    Please watch the video above for all the details.

  • How 101 Herbal Treatments Regrows Your Hair?

    Learn about how the multi-award winning 101 herbal treatment can regrow hair in just a few months.

    Discover the unique all natural hair regrowth system called “Herbal Follicular Activation” (HFA) and how it offers a real yet safe solution for hair loss sufferers.

    Interested in finding out more? We hold regular seminars at our Chadstone clinic at 7.15pm on the first Monday of every month. Receive a $70 Gift Certificate and a small heat pack for attending in person! Otherwise please visit for the Google Hangout link to our next seminar and watch us live online at home.

    Summary of Video Clip

    After reviewing the reasons why most men and women experience hair loss, the video introduces a genuine solution for those who want to regrow hair called Herbal Follicular Activation. This amazing treatment method stops excessive hair loss, deeply cleanses the scalp, nourishes hair follicles and reduces hair follicle sensitivity to DHT.

    By combining in-clinic treatments with a powerful home use treatment regime, this hair regrowth method delivers results far superior to any pharmaceutical hair loss treatment.

    The HFA system deeply cleanses scalp pores before providing essential hair regrowth nutrients to the follicles. Pharmaceutical treatments traditionally do not clean the scalp or provide any nutrition to hair follicles. Without deep cleansing, hair follicles cannot efficiently absorb nutrients or drug ingredients. Therefore deep scalp cleansing should be an important part of any hair regrowth treatment. In addition, if drugs are used alone without any nutrition therapy for the follicles, then one can expect very little or no improvement in their hair condition long term.

    Therefore a logical solution for hair loss sufferers is to cleanse, nourish and reactivate hair follicles naturally without the need for chemical or drug treatment. 101 Hair products offer people this solution.

    Watch the above video for all the details.

  • What Causes Androgenetic Hair Loss?

    Do you want to find out why you are losing hair? 101 Consultant Nick will give you the answers, as he presents a seminar entitled ‘Why Androgenetic Hair Loss Occurs’.

    In this clip, Nick explains the hormonal and physical processes behind hair loss, and what triggers them. Learn more about hair miniaturisation, the genetic basis of hair-loss and how it is possible to overcome these two processes through 101 treatment programs.

    Curious? Visit for the Google Hangout link to the next seminar and watch a complete seminar live online at home at 7.15pm on the first Monday of any month. Or, if you live in the Melbourne area, please attend the seminar in person at our Chadstone clinic. Receive a $70 Gift Certificate and a small heat pack just for coming!

    Summary of Video Clip

    What causes hair loss and why does it occur? Knowing the answers to these two questions is vital to understand how the innovative 101 treatment program works.

    In the video above, the process of hair follicle shrinkage and the role that the hormone DHT plays in this process will be explained to you.

  • The Negative Side Effects of Pharmaceutical Hair Regrowth

    See 101 Consultant Nick give a presentation on ‘The Negative Side Effects of Other Hair Regrowth Treatments’.

    He discusses the other regrowth products currently sold today, particularly Minoxidil and Finasteride. In particular, he speaks about the negative effects suffered by long-term users of pharmaceutical hair regrowth products.

    Curious? Visit for the Google Hangout link to the next seminar and watch us live online at home at 7.15pm on the first Monday of any month. Or, if you live in the Melbourne area, please attend the seminar in person at our Chadstone clinic. Receive a $70 Gift Certificate and a small heat pack just for coming!

    Summary of Video Clip

    101 products boast 20 years of use in the Australian market with no major side effects reported. Every 101 product is herbal based and absolutely safe for your use.

    But what if we compare 101 products to the rest of the hair regrowth market?

    The most widely used pharmaceutical treatments, Minoxidil and Finasteride, have a heavily researched history of negative side effects. Loss of libido, sexual dysfunction, irregular heartbeat and facial swelling are just a few of the myriad of hazardous long-term effects of these products. Prolonged use of any regrowth program is necessary to maintain results due to the genetic component of hair loss.

    Are you willing to risk how these treatments may affect you?

    View real case studies of pharmaceutical product users and find out more about the side effects of pharmaceutical hair loss treatment.

    More importantly, find out how 101 products differ.

  • Are You a Young Man? You Don’t Need to Suffer Hairloss Any More.

    About the Video

    Today more and more young men are experiencing hair loss. In this video, Aushair customer Heath talks about his hair regrowth experience using the 101 hair products combined with Aushair in-clinic treatments.

    After being on a hair regrowth program for less than 3 months, Heath explains how the revolutionary Herbal Follicular Activation program has given him visible results.

    Content of the Video

    Heath came to the Aushair Clinic after extensively studying a number of other hair loss treatments available on the market.

    Heath first learned about the side effects of pharmaceutical hair loss treatments after trying Minoxidil (5%) for about one year. Concerned about the potential long term adverse reactions associated with using hair regrowth drugs,  Heath  began a 100% herbal Aushair regrowth program and so far has no regrets.

    He has already seen improvement after only 3 months on the program (which has involved two in-clinic visits per week plus a 101 home use package. Heath’s existing hair has already thickened and therefore, has a much fuller look especially on the crown and temple areas of his scalp. His hair has become darker due to the all of the added nutrition he is receiving through the treatment. Additionally, his energy levels and sleep have improved. Overall, this is a great result in the early stages of the treatment. Heath couldn’t be happier with his experience so far.

  • Why Use a Herbal Treatment to Regrow Your Hair?

    About the Video

    Aushair Clinic Presenter Nick presents our latest seminar ‘Why to Use a Herbal Treatment to Regrow your Hair’.

    Discover how 101 Hair treatments can regrow your hair and improve your general health and wellbeing.

    If you are based in Melbourne, why not come along to a future monthly seminar at our Chadstone clinic and receive a $70 Gift Certificate and a small heat pack. Otherwise please visit for the Google Hangout link to our May 4th seminar and watch us live online at home.

    Content of the Video

    Watch our Aushair Clinic Presenter speak about:

    • Why Herbal Follicular Activation is safer and more effective than pharmaceutical treatments
    • Our excellent clinical success rate in comparison with other available treatments
    • The unique magnified photo comparison system that provides our customers with physical evidence of their results
    • Explanation of real photographic results of our clients
    • The positive international reputation of our brand
    • How and why male and female pattern baldness occurs
    • Home use and in-clinic treatments that reactivate dormant hair follicles
    • The results you can expect after using 101 products over a period of time
  • Minoxidl, is it safer than Finasteride?

    Say No to Minoxidl and Finasteride

    Is Minoxidil Better than Finasteride?

    Two of the most popular pharmaceutical medicines for combating hair loss--Minoxidil and Finasteride—have been in competition since 1997, when Finasteride was introduced to the market. In spite of being competitors, these two drugs are different in their course of action when it comes to combating hair loss. At 101, we strongly discommend their usage because of the severe side effects they carry. We will compare them here, just for the sake of knowledge and helping customer in understanding the risk, these two drugs carry.

    Finasteride course of action


    Finasteride, rather than being a hair loss medicine, is more of a hormone inhibitor that is taken as a pill. Finasteride, working indirectly, blocks the enzyme 5-alpha reductase, which is responsible for converting testosterone into dihydrotestosterone. Once dihydrotestosterone, the principal cause of male hair loss pattern is reduced, the subsequent hair loss reduces too.



    It is not fully understood how Minoxidil works. Minoxidil is believed to act as a potassium channel opener, which causes hyperpolarization of cell membranes, promoting hair regrowth. Minoxidil is less effective than Finasteride, and unlike it, Minoxidil is applied to the affected area in the form of foam or gel, rather being taken as a pill.

    Effectiveness compared to Minoxidil

    Finasteride requires a prescription (because of severe side effects) and is a more potent drug, in comparison to Minoxidil. In clinical trials, Finasteride achieved an 80% success rate while Minoxidil could only work for 52%.

    In everyday treatments, these two drugs are generally prescribed to be taken together, dubbed as “dynamic duo”.

    The harsh reality of these two: Side effects

    Not many people who take these drugs are aware of the potential side effects that these drugs carry. The potent nature and 80% success rate that Finasteride proclaims, proudly, comes at a cost—side effects: erectile dysfunction, impotence, and testicular pain.

    Minoxidil, although not that harmful, doesn’t go very far when it comes to side effects, either. The common side effects of Minoxidil include severe allergic reactions, chest pain, dizziness, fainting, tachycardia (rapid heartbeat), sudden and unexplained weight gain, or swelling of the hands and feet. On an ironic note, Hair loss, something this drug is purported to treat, is rather its common side effect. You can only imagine why people keep relying on them.

    That is why, at 101, we always try to educate hair loss sufferers to stay away from Pharma based treatment.

    The 101 Treatment’s Ideology

    We believe hair loss is often a symptom of an internal medical disorder and requires a specific treatment. It requires addressing all relevant internal causes of hair loss while not forgetting about external ones.

    Therefore, we address both external and internal factors in order to adjust body imbalances, to activate hair follicles, to improve the hair and scalp environment, and to enhance hair nourishment. All that using the safest way--natural/herbal based treatment solution based on ancient Chinese medicine. The same medicine, which was used by Chinese emperor, Jia Jing of Ming Dynasty, for improving his fertility, health, and life expectancy.


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