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Healthy lifestyle and rich diet for hair growth

Your hair is directly affected by your lifestyle, including your diet, whether it’s a burger you last ate, the fried chicken at KFC, or the pizza with extra cheese at Pizza Hut—every food has some effect. In addition, hair care products sometimes are not as “hair friendly” as endorsed—your favourite shampoo or herbal oil may be doing more harm than good. Although a trip to the salon may give you temporary shiny and healthy looking hair, a healthy diet and lifestyle assures a more lasting effect.

In one of our seminars, Mr. A.F, a long-time customer, shared with us some of his lifestyle mantras for healthier hair. These included changing sleep habits from 3-4 hours a day to 8 hours a day, living a socially stable lifestyle, eating healthier food, and doing yoga.

Below are some diet and lifestyle tricks for better hair.

Improve Your Diet: Diet changes for healthy hair

Step 1

Use brown sugar in place of refined sugar, as the latter contributes to yeast infections. Rather, choose whole grains such as brown rice and oats over processed foods to improve the hair condition.

Step 2

Saturated Fats, especially from animal sources such as red meat and dairy products can cause inflammation, subsequently causing hair fall. However, healthy fats from pumpkin seeds and fish moisturise hair, preventing dryness.

Step 3

Protein from lean sources, such as poultry, fish and beans is essential for hair growth. Beans, besides being a good source of protein, are a good source of fibre—a substance that promotes intestinal health and leads to healthy, glowing skin.

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Step 4

According to, “The Food Doctor” website: drinking 8 cups of plain water  a day promotes healthy kidney function and helps in flushing toxins from the body, resulting in healthier looking hair.

Make Healthy Lifestyle Changes

Step 1

Reducing stress is the first step towards preventing any hair loss, as it is considered one of the worst enemies of hair. If becoming stressed is a part of your regular routine, start meditation and deep breathing to help reduce stress levels to help promote stronger hair.

Step 2

Moderate workouts, including aerobics, increases blood flow throughout your body, including the scalp.

Step 3

If possible, choose organic foods whenever possible, to improve your overall health.

Step 4

Smoking and drinking alcohol are your hairs’ second and third worst enemies—stress is the first. If you are a smoker, quit today and see for yourself the improvements it brings to your hair. In addition, smoke prematurely dulls your hair.

Step 5

Dry hair and excessive moisture: both can damage hair. Therefore, apply hair oil to combat hair dryness and rinse your hair thoroughly after washing to remove excessive moisture.

Step 6

Use a non-sulphate based shampoo, as it has been recently found to be a strong hair damaging agent. Non-sulphate shampoos are available in most pharmacies and grocery stores.

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