Do you want to find out why you are losing hair? 101 Consultant Nick will give you the answers, as he presents a seminar entitled ‘Why Androgenetic Hair Loss Occurs’.

In this clip, Nick explains the hormonal and physical processes behind hair loss, and what triggers them. Learn more about hair miniaturisation, the genetic basis of hair-loss and how it is possible to overcome these two processes through 101 treatment programs.

Curious? Visit for the Google Hangout link to the next seminar and watch a complete seminar live online at home at 7.15pm on the first Monday of any month. Or, if you live in the Melbourne area, please attend the seminar in person at our Chadstone clinic. Receive a $70 Gift Certificate and a small heat pack just for coming!

Summary of Video Clip

What causes hair loss and why does it occur? Knowing the answers to these two questions is vital to understand how the innovative 101 treatment program works.

In the video above, the process of hair follicle shrinkage and the role that the hormone DHT plays in this process will be explained to you.