Alopecia Areata or spot baldness causes patchy hair loss . Although this condition normally occurs on the scalp, in extreme cases, hair loss on the body can also happen. However, if the patches are small, then the condition usually regresses and the hairs grow back.

Occurrence, Causes, and Symptoms:

The causing element of this condition may occur in both men and women. In males, the temple or the crown area are susceptible whereas in females it is more around frontal or parietal part.

Typical symptoms include bald patches, while the underlying skin looks normal. Steadily, these patches start taking many shapes, usually round or oval and these can be large or small. In addition, bleeding can occur in the beard and other body parts too, depending on skin type and conditions. Sometimes the area of hair loss may tingle or be painful.

Acne conditions, psychological stress, low nutrition level, poor metabolism and genetics are considered among major reasons. A crash diet can cause spot baldness due to lack of nutrition to the hair follicles. In addition, various blood pressure and diabetes medications as well as chemotherapy, steroids and oral contraceptives can also cause this balding condition.

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While this type of hair loss doesn’t cause medical complications, it can affect individuals psychologically. Support groups are accessible to help individuals with Alopecia Areata to manage the mental impacts of the condition.