Learn about how the multi-award winning 101 herbal treatment can regrow hair in just a few months.

Discover the unique all natural hair regrowth system called “Herbal Follicular Activation” (HFA) and how it offers a real yet safe solution for hair loss sufferers.

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Summary of Video Clip

After reviewing the reasons why most men and women experience hair loss, the video introduces a genuine solution for those who want to regrow hair called Herbal Follicular Activation. This amazing treatment method stops excessive hair loss, deeply cleanses the scalp, nourishes hair follicles and reduces hair follicle sensitivity to DHT.

By combining in-clinic treatments with a powerful home use treatment regime, this hair regrowth method delivers results far superior to any pharmaceutical hair loss treatment.

The HFA system deeply cleanses scalp pores before providing essential hair regrowth nutrients to the follicles. Pharmaceutical treatments traditionally do not clean the scalp or provide any nutrition to hair follicles. Without deep cleansing, hair follicles cannot efficiently absorb nutrients or drug ingredients. Therefore deep scalp cleansing should be an important part of any hair regrowth treatment. In addition, if drugs are used alone without any nutrition therapy for the follicles, then one can expect very little or no improvement in their hair condition long term.

Therefore a logical solution for hair loss sufferers is to cleanse, nourish and reactivate hair follicles naturally without the need for chemical or drug treatment. 101 Hair products offer people this solution.

Watch the above video for all the details.