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4 Month Revive Program

This program is highly recommended for Male and Female Pattern Hair Loss sufferers who have completed our 4 Month Starter Program. It includes the following:

  1. 101 Hair & Scalp Tonic (100 ml) x 3
  2. 101 Hair & Scalp Tonic - Special (100 ml) x 9
  3. Hair Health Tablets (60 tablets) x 8
  4. Aushair Shampoo (400ml) x 1
  5. 101 Applicator x 1
  6. 101 Large Peach Wood Comb (18cm) x 1
  7. 101 Small Peach Wood Comb (10cm) x 1

Dosage - This Revive program is based on a 2 day cycle:

1. 101 Hair & Scalp Tonic — Special Day one - Apply 5 ml of 101 Hair & Scalp Tonic — Special morning and evening. Be sure hair is dry before applying.
Day two - Apply 101 Hair & Scalp Tonic — Special to thinning area in the morning only.

2. 101 Hair & Scalp Tonic Day one - Do not use.
Day two - Apply 101 Hair & Scalp Tonic to thinning area in the evening only.

3. 101 Hair Formula Tablets (AUST L 94526) - Take 2 tablets morning and evening with warm water, one hour after meals.

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Product Ingredients

101 Hair Formula Tablets

  • Achyranthes bidentata
  • Angelica polymorpha
  • Chaenomeles speciosa
  • Cuscuta hygrophilae
  • Eclipta prostrata
  • Ligustrum lucidum
  • Lycium barbarum
  • Morus alba
  • Notopterygium incisium
  • Polygonum multiflorum
  • Poria cocos
  • Psoralea corylifolia
  • Rubus chingii
  • Salvia miltiorrhiza

101 Hair and Scalp Tonic

  • Water
  • Ethanol
  • Ledebouriella sesloides root
  • Sophora flavescens root
  • Dictamnus dasycarpus root
  • Notopterygium incisium root
  • Salvia miltiorrhiza root
  • Angelica polymorpha root
  • Chaenomeles speciosa fruit
  • Speranskia tuberculata herb
  • Ligusticum wallichii root

101 Hair and Scalp Tonic – Special

  • Water
  • Ethanol
  • Panax ginseng root
  • Astragalus membranaceus root
  • Angelica polymorpha root
  • Zingiber officinale root
  • Salvia miltiorrhiza root
  • Psoralea coryfolia fruit

101 Shampoo

  • Water
  • Dictamnus dasycarpus
  • Ictamus dasycarpus turcz
  • Sophora angusifolia root extract
  • Angelica polymorpha sinesis root extract  
  • Astragalus membranaceus root extract
  • Polygonum multiflorum extract extract
  • Saposhnikovia divaricata root etc.
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Potent Hair Regrowth Products

Pharmaceutical products contain synthetic ingredients that act as a barrier against your scalp ceasing one of the skin’s main job which is to eliminate toxins. The skin of the scalp is one of the body's most sensitive organs and is responsible for most of the penetration of everyday toxins. These toxins then get absorbed by the skin and later into the bloodstream that builds up in the organs, such as the liver, and can remain in the body for years.

Why only Natural Hair Regrowth Products?

Natural hair regrowth products are manufactured without the use of chemicals and contain a number of beneficial properties.

Since it is biotic in nature, it is allergy free

It doesn’t contain unnecessary fillers or irritants,

Switching from chemically laced products to more natural hair regrowth products is definitely worthwhile. This can also lead people to adopt a more natural lifestyle. Using all natural hair products can show the true potential of one’s hair growth capability.

Not only is it important to care what we put into our bodies but also what we apply on it as well.

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